Sunday, December 24, 2017 at 11:35AM
Drew Wolfe

SpaceX Rocket Launch Lights Up The California Sky, Freaks Out Some Residents

"An iridescent streak lit up the sky over Southern California on Friday night, stopping traffic and leading some residents to marvel and others to worry about a UFO or even a nuclear bomb attack. In reality, it was a SpaceX rocket lifting off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, north of Santa Barbara, Calif., carrying 10 satellites for the Iridium constellation. They will be used in mobile voice and data communications."

"In a bid to ease the minds of worried witnesses, the Los Angeles Fire Department released a statement saying the 'mysterious light in the sky is reported to be the result of [Vandenberg] Air Force Base launching rocket to put satellite into space.'"

"SpaceX CEO Elon Musk didn't help matters when he tweeted, 'Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea.'"

The glowing contrail could be seen as far away as Phoenix, reports The Associated Press.

"People were wondering if it had something to do with movies, or TV or a UFO," Jimmy Golen, who was touring the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank at the time, told the wire service.


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