Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 11:28AM
Drew Wolfe

Why Are Atlantic Salmon Being Farmed In The Northwest?

"Earlier this month, a net pen broke apart near Washington state's Cypress Island. The pen held 305,000 Atlantic salmon, a non-native fish."

"The company that owns the pen, Cooke Aquaculture, says it is unsure exactly how many Atlantic salmon escaped, but the state estimatesbetween 4,000 to 185,700. Cooke and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are trying to collect and count the fish that did not escape so that they can get a better handle on how many broke out of the pen."

"The company initially cited the solar eclipse and high tides for the pen's failure, but tidal currents were not abnormally high when the pen broke apart. In fact, Cypress Island has seen higher tides every month this year."

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