Monday, October 8, 2018 at 12:16PM
Drew Wolfe

A Brain Scientist Who Studies Alzheimer's Explains How She Stays Mentally Fit

"As a specialist in Alzheimer's prevention, Jessica Langbaum knows that exercising her mental muscles can help keep her brain sharp."

"But Langbaum, who holds a doctorate in psychiatric epidemiology, has no formal mental fitness program. She doesn't do crossword puzzles or play computer brain games."

"'Just sitting down and doing Sudoku isn't probably going to be the one key thing that's going to prevent you from developing Alzheimer's disease,' she says."

"Instead of using a formal brain training program, she simply goes to work."

"'My job is my daily cognitive training,' says Langbaum, the associate director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix."

"And that's true of most working people. 'While you're still in the work force you are getting that daily challenge of multitasking, of remembering things, of processing information,' she says."


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