Friday, January 11, 2019 at 12:10PM
Drew Wolfe

Last Known WWII Nazi Living In U.S., Deported To Germany Last Year, Is Dead at 95

"A Nazi war criminal, living safely in the United States until his deportation to Germany last year, has died. He had been the last known World War II Nazi living in the U.S."

"Jakiw Palij immigrated to America in 1949, claiming he had worked on his father's farm during World War II. But a Justice Department investigation, based on evidence compiled by a senior historian at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, found that Palij served as an armed guard of civilian prisoners at a forced-labor camp for Jews at the Trawniki camp in Poland. That's where Nazi SS troops were trained to kill Polish Jews."

"A federal judge stripped Jakiw Palij of his citizenship in 2003, finding that he had lied when he came to the U.S. He was ordered deported in 2004, but no country would take him until Germany finally relented last year. This week, at the age of 95, Palij died. He was never charged for his involvement in the Holocaust."

"'An evil man has passed away,' Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman told The Associated Press. 'That, I guess, is a positive.' Friedman had led multiple student protests in front of Palij's home in the Queens borough of New York City."


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