Friday, January 12, 2018 at 12:45PM
Drew Wolfe

Gail Carriger

I suspect it may be like the difference between a drinker and an alcoholic; the one merely reads books, the other needs books to make it through the day.

How ghastly for her, people actually thinking, with their brains, and right next door. Oh, the travesty of it all.

A vampire, like a lady, never reveals his true age.

I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone.

Cats were not, in her experience, an animal with much soul. Prosaic, practical little creatures as a general rule. It would suit her very well to be thought catlike.

You are about as covert as a sledgehammer.

It's no good choosing your first husband from a school for evil geniuses. Much too difficult to kill.

I have died and gone to the land of bad novels.

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