Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 12:36PM
Drew Wolfe

Leslye Walton

Love makes us such fools.

Just because love don't look the way you think it should, don't mean you don't have it.

Children betrayed their parents by becoming their own people.

And that might just be the root of the problem: we're all afraid of each other, wings or no wings.

Love, as most know, follows its own timeline. Disregarding our intentions or well rehearsed plans.

I found it ironic that I should be blessed with wings and yet feel so constrained, so trapped. It was because of my condition, I believe, that I noticed life's ironies a bit more often than the average person. I collected them: how love arrived when you least expected it, how someone who said he didn't want to hurt you eventually would.

Why would you be given wings if you weren't meant to fly?

She laughed for her wasted, difficult life that never had to be wasted or difficult in the first place.

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