Friday, March 9, 2018 at 12:24PM
Drew Wolfe

Belle Aurora

Monsters don't always lurk in the shadows. Sometimes they hide in plain sight.

Books... I can’t live without books. To me, a book is better than any movie. All I need is a good book, my imagination, and I am set free. I’m in literature heaven.

I don't want a knight in shining armor.
I don't want a knight in scuffed armor.
I want his helmet to have dents. I want my knight to be real, and dark and savage. I want my knight to be a survivor. Someone who's been tested and got through his trails. Not some pussy in gleaming metal.

Can't help who you fall in love with, princess.

We're all addicted to something that takes away the pain.

Not everyone can be a fairy-tale hero.” He pauses a moment, then adds, “The world needs villains too."

Who were you before people started telling you who you should be?

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