Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 11:20AM
Drew Wolfe

Heinrich Böll

Never have to try to repeat the moments, they should only remember them as they happened once.

There are people who are waiting for nothing.

I like them in a strange way, despite all the bitter experiences that I have left with my fellow men. I mean, humans. 

There is a temporary cure for it, it is alcohol, and there can be a permanent and permanent cure, and that is marry. Marie has left me. The clown that falls on the carnage will fall earlier than a drunk skylight. 

I do not trust Catholics, I said, "because they take advantage of you." 
And Protestants? He asked with a laugh. 
I loathe the way they fumble around their consciences. 
And are you? He was still laughing. 
They bore me because they all talk about is God.

An artist is like a woman who can do nothing but love, and who succumbs to every decoy male jackass.

No one in this world, because he is not in the position of a particular human being, can not feel right and correct about evil or good, now whether it is a matter of happiness or misery, or "arrogance" To be connected. The fact is that every man is always in a state outside of human condition and condition.

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