Monday, July 8, 2019 at 12:45PM
Drew Wolfe

Michael Swanwick

Writing is a matter of finding the appropriate balance of dinosaurs and sodomy.

Perfection is death,' Anastasia said. 'The world is imperfect, but if it weren't, who would love it?

The bureaucrat fell from the sky.

Art should be beautiful, not ugly. It should be uplifting and redemptive. Art reassures us that life is good and that, however bad things may look at the moment, everything works out for the best in the end.

So that, logically, in the brief time allotted to us, we should be as kind to one another as is humanly possible and face the harsh facts of reality without fear or flinching.

The mechanism thus created periodically acts out post-modern notions of cosmology and then deconstructs itself. It has met with great admiration and no little puzzlement.

My colleague and I are journalists. ... Not of the muckraking variety, I hasten to assure you! Corruption is a necessary and time-honored concomitant of any functioning government, which we support wholeheartedly.

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