Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 11:36AM
Drew Wolfe

Lower Taxes, Less Regulation

No, I have not lost my mind and become a Republican. "Lower taxes and less regulation" is the mantra of the irrational Republican party. This morning, as always, I was listening to NPR's Morning Edition when they presented a segment where they interviewed a political science professor (David Damore) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas because of the Republican debate that took place in his city the night before. He begins by giving the following facts regarding the state of Nevada. Nevada has:

1. highest foreclosure rate in the US

2. highest bankruptcy rate in the US

3. highest unemployment rate in the US

4. lowest median income in the US

What is responsible for these less than stellar state statistics? You guessed it. Nevada has just about the lowest taxes and is the least regulated state for businesses. Business know this and he states that they have no incentive to move their businesses to Nevada which means things are somehow going to get worse.

I agree with David Damore. The Republicans preach lower taxes and less regulation as an answer to our economic ills when in fact it is exactly the opposite of what must be done to get this country back on an economically sound pathway to fiscal responsibility.

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