Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 3:02PM
Drew Wolfe

Rich Perry can only be described as follows:

stupid, simple, slow, thick, dull, naive, dim, dense, dumb , deficient, crass, gullible, simple-minded, dozy , witless, stolid, dopey , moronic, obtuse, brainless, cretinous, unintelligent, half-witted, slow on the uptake, braindead, dumb-ass, doltish, slow-witted, woodenheaded

Before I continue watch the following:

I could have also included the clip on when he also tells us that he does not "believe" in evolution because it is only a theory.

What can I say? This man is uneducated and does not know what he does not know. I do not plan to tell you why global warming and evolution are facts (universally accepted truths). Most of you know that already. What is depressing is that a large percent of uneducated Americans (including many with college diplomas) will vote for this Bush II person. Just think of having another moronic Texas governor who will continue our crusade against Islam in the name of security for Americans. Possibly he will have a prayer meeting so that religious Americans can pray for a better economy. The result would be the same as his prayer meeting to bring rain to Texas.

Again it is my opinion that this is just another sign of the rapid decline of the US. Of the many great people in this country who could help turn this nation around we will have people like Rick Perry as potential presidents.

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