Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 12:17PM
Drew Wolfe

The GOP Will Raise Taxes--on the Middle Class and Working Poor

I recommend that you read the entire op/ed piece by Harold Myerson of the Washington Post, but if you do not have time read his closing paragraph which sums up his thoughts accurately.

"Republicans like to complain that Democrats practice “class warfare” and “the politics of division,” as House GOP leader Eric Cantor argued on this page Monday. What the Republicans’ position on the payroll tax makes high-definitionally clear is their own class warfare on working- and middle-class Americans. Their double standard couldn’t be more obvious: Tax cuts for the wealthy are sacrosanct; tax cuts for everyone else don’t really matter. Norquist, Cantor, Ryan, Camp, the Journal editorialists and the whole Republican crew give hypocrisy a bad name."

This is where we are in the evolution of our country. GOP candidates talk about cuts to programs for the middle class and poor people. They also support, superstitiously, no new taxes. So what is the problem? The problem is the uneducated and uncaring Americans that vote for these people when it is not in their best interest. Education is the only way to produce a democracy that is fair to all of the people. Watching the movie Robin Hood last night I was thinking that nothing much has changed in the way the rich and powerful extort money out of the poor people, us. The main difference in the 12th century is the violence they used to obtain their wealth.

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