Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 12:34PM
Drew Wolfe

Tea Party Rant

I am really get sick of these idiotic tea party advocates. Do they live in some dream world where they can have their cake and eat it to? While they say they want to decrease government spending by decreasing and maybe eliminating programs such as Medicare and Social Security, I wonder how many of them send back their Social Security checks. How can they ask to have their insurance and utility rates decreased when they want to increase the regulation of these two industries. Are they insane to advocate the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency? If this would happen, they would be upset with breathing thick smog and drinking dirty water. Some even want to close the Department of Education. If this happens then they will be livid when the US will have to purchase its technology from China and other the developing nations.

What definitely bothers me is their call for deregulation of the free market, which is filled with mega greed and corruption. What was the principal cause of our economic downturn? It was the lack of oversight on the banking industry. Even today we have not prosecuted the crooks who raped our economy.

If these people dress up and pretend to be patriots you would think that they would like to open their checkbooks to pay for what they say makes America great. Instead they want to support trillionaires and any stupid organization that wants to come in your home to monitor what you do and with whom. If this is the land of the free, I do not see it. It is the land of the free to do what special interest groups will allow you to do. I saw more freedom in Malaysia (for tea baggers--this is an Islamic dictatorship occupying the Malay Peninsula in Asia). Essentially there are about 5-10 things you do not do; e. g., talk against the government, bring or use drugs, . . . If you do, they quickly execute you. Other than that they have freedom to gamble, be with the people they want, establish businesses that are successful as long as they do not break one of those 10 rules I mentioned. Do not get me wrong I would not fit into the society, but they are in many respects freer and happier than you! Also their food is much better!

In conclusion, I think that the tea party movement is the direct result of the Republicans education programs. By concentrating on fundamental skills and dropping history, geography, political science, social studies, and critical thinking from the curriculum, we now have a populace that can be swayed by the fictions of the Fox Network. They have no tools to evaluate their "beliefs." If they did, I do not think there would be a pack of tea baggers polluting our country.

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