Chemist Create Molecular Flasks: Researchers Design a Self-Assembling Material That Can House Other Molecules

ScienceDaily (2011-07-21) -- Recently, researchers at New York University demonstrated an ability to make new materials with empty space on the inside, which could potentially control desired and unwanted chemical reactions.


Graphene Gives Up More of its Secrets

ScienceDaily (2011-07-14) -- Scientists have used the Advanced Light Source to investigate theories about the electronic structure of graphene never before tested by experiment. They find that near the neutral point of undoped graphene, graphene's semimetallic behavior includes very long-range interactions among electrons and other unusual properties, confirming that graphene is every bit as strange as expected -- perhaps even more so.



YouTube chemistry sensations share formula for success

It started on an impulse, made unlikely YouTube stars of its scientific presenters and has grown to a global audience of more than 15 million.



A detour by chemists leads to quantum criticality.


A chemical detour to quantum criticality

( -- Physicists and chemists use different techniques to study essentially the same thing — the nature and behavior of matter. Usually the particular path is of little consequence, because they all lead ultimately to the same truths at the end of the experimental journey. Sometimes, however, choosing one path over another can offer unique and interesting insights along the way, such as when a traveler takes the scenic route instead of a more direct path.



Bisphenol A, aka BPA, is the controversial plasticizer in many plastics. Read the latest on this chemical.

Bisphenol A


Hydrogen peroxide found in space

( -- Molecules of hydrogen peroxide have been found for the first time in interstellar space. The discovery gives clues about the chemical link between two molecules critical for life: water and oxygen. On Earth, hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the chemistry of water and ozone in our planet’s atmosphere, and is familiar for its use as a disinfectant or to bleach hair blonde. Now it has been detected in space by astronomers using the ESO-operated APEX telescope in Chile.


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