Mission To Paris by Alan Furst

I always look forward to Alan Furst's new novel, but Mission To Paris was a disappointment. With this twelth novel in his Night Soldiers series he has stayed with his formula producing an interesting novel that has no merit. I hope Alan Furst becomes more daring and branches out to something more involved and exciting.

Mission to Paris follows an Austrian-born Hollywood film star named Fredric Stahl. Stahl has come to Paris at the behest of Jack Warner to star on loan to Paramount Pictures in a war movie. As production on the film slowly begins, Stahl becomes increasingly attracted to the German emigre seamstress who creates the costumes for the movie, and soon finds himself starring in his own private love story. Meanwhile, the anti-Nazi Stahl finds himself targeted by Nazi operatives intent on enmeshing him in their propaganda machine. As the action unfolds, the two story lines intersect, endangering both Stahl and his lover.



A Knight in Central Park

You get what you pay for. This was a 99 cents deal on Amazon Kindle. I thought it would be a good fast read and it was. It tells the story of a guy who is transported back to 1499 England. What I did not know is that it is pretty much a romance novel. While I have nothing against romance novels it was not what I was expecting.


Zero Day

Zero Day by Mark Russinovich is a cyber thriller that I enjoyed. It is the story of a terroist plot to bring down the US by hacking into critical computer systems in the US and Europe. It is very authentic because the author was or is in the highest level of Microsoft.