The Bahamas in Technicolor

The Bahamas in Technicolor from Ryan Lightbourn on Vimeo.



The Last Views

This a beautiful art video.

the last views from Brönnimann on Vimeo.




"Amasia- Possible Future Supercontinent After Actual Earth"
demonstrates that if nature is systematic, then there is a calm before
the torrents and an unleashing of perfectly normal change. The moving
imagery of terrain is pure. Its realness fools an untrained eye as
visual effects may trick the sharpest one. The jewelry industry is a
well-mapped frontier in search of discovery.The scenes in this film
welcome a new generation of raw talent and poise to an unexpected

Amasia from diane pernet on Vimeo.



This Israel

"A road trip straight through Israel. Had no idea what the complexities and diversity of the cultures were, but I got deeper and deeper, seeing all walks of life living together in this amazing land. The conglomerate of things happening in that tiny, but EPIC country (it's smaller than New Jersey!) packed a punch like a bustling beehive. I was overwhelmed and totally let Israel envelope me. I bonded with every flavor of person there... they were all Israeli. They were all beautiful people. (By the way, the title isn't spelled wrong, it again ;)"

This Isreal from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.



A beautiful, well done, video of the city/state Singapore. It brought back good memories of my 1999 Christmas trip to Singapore. For those who have not been there, it is a clean, safe, and affluent city that is way more civilized than the major cities of the West. You cannot understand this until you spend a week or so in such a  city where the citizens are highly educated and who respect other people especially their family members and teachers. How novel?

Singapore from Z-ARTE on Vimeo.



Return of the Champions

2009 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon winner Will Harlan recounts his epic battle with his hero Arnulfo as he looks toward the 2012 Ultra marathon in the canyons. This race in Copper Canyon, Mexico, is 47 miles.

Return of The Champions Trailer from 614 Films (Rod Murphy) on Vimeo.



Piano Pat: Montana Legend

This is a cool story of 80-year old Pat who has been playing piano in the same bar for 46 years.

Piano Pat: Montana Legend from Matthew J. Clark on Vimeo.



Under the Clouds

"These images and these sounds were recorded during a travel from "Toulouse" to "Paris", and from "Paris" to "Martinique". We see the North and the South of "Martinique", the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, during the rainy season in July, 2011."

Under the clouds from Gioacchino Petronicce on Vimeo.




If you like this one, check out the other Rick Mereki video, Move, I have posted.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.



Around Venezia

A vivid video of the sights of Venice, Italy.

Around Venezia from Icam on Vimeo.



The Aurora

This is a nicely-done time-lapse video of the aurora borealis.

The Aurora from TSO Photography on Vimeo.



We the People Have Found Our Voice--Occupy Wall Street

An inside look at the diversity of people who are protesting in NY. This video is very done at night and gives you an idea of what is happening as a part of this protest. You have a brief glimpse of Michael Moore talking with some protesters.


We The People Have Found Our Voice (Occupy Wall Street) from ivarad on Vimeo.



Good Morning

This is a beautifully done time-lapse video of the sun rising on a foggy morning.

Good Morning from Ben on Vimeo.



Happy Day in Lisbon

A tilt-shift video of Lisbon.

Happy Day in Lisbon from Mário Rui Fernandes on Vimeo.




An interesting video in which a balloon is launched with a video camera. It shows the beautiful landscape of what I think is the Western US as it rises into the upper atmosphere.

Aerostat from Page Stephenson on Vimeo.



Right Here ALL OVER (Occupy Wall Street)

Finally, American youth put down their electronic toys to help move our country in a positive direction. We need a revolution like the one from my generation, the ones who fought the useless war in Vietnam. We changed the world and so can today's youth.

Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.



A Look Back at the Life of Steve Jobs

 I am really sad to see him go!


Secret Island

Excellent computer graphics and music are found in this production. I enjoyed this short video.

Secret Island – Monophon – Videoclip from daniel schmid on Vimeo.



 Golden Age--Somewhere

"Sequel to the award winning GOLDEN AGE - THE SIMULATION, 'SOMEWHERE' attempts to visualise the notion of a 'downloaded architecture'. We are in a time where much of what we do is online. The notion of the online will radically change, the notion of the computer and the home will merge. We will download parks and places to relax, have skype phone calls with simulated telepresence of our friends and family, be immersed in nanorobotic replications of any kind of objects or furnishings downloaded on credit based systems. The local becomes the global and the global becomes the local. Consumer based capitalism would change forever."

GOLDEN AGE - SOMEWHERE from Paul Nicholls on Vimeo.



ESPN Dream On Sports Montage

This is one of the best sports montages that I have seen, covering all sports important to Americans. I like the brief view of Johnny Unitas and Cal Ripkin and many more.