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Satellite of Love

Again I scanned through the available Prime movies on Amazon, I came up with Satellite of Love because I am tired of seeing action/adventure and scifi movies. Well, my selection was better than the night before. I enjoyed watching Satellite of Love, which is a rather well-done flick. It stars Nathan PhillipsZachary Knighton, and Shannon Lucio.

Satellite of Love begins  with three friends at a carnival, Blake (Knighton), Samuel (Phillips), and Catherine (Lucio). This turns out to be sometime in the past, presumably while the characters were best friends in college. We flash-forward to a period of time after graduation. Samuel has become a musician and bohemian of the world; Catherine and Blake got married and now run a restaurant together. The threesome might have been BFFs in college, but Catherine and Blake have taken a decidedly different path in life than Samuel.

Catherine and Blake are initially stand-offish when Samuel returns home, obviously still sore that Samuel did not attend their wedding. As an apology for his absence at their wedding, Samuel invites Blake and Catherine to the idyllic Nadi Vineyards for a week-long vacation. Samuel brings his sexy Spanish friend, Michelle (Janina Gavankar). The wines of the Texas Hill Country begin to flow with reckless abandon — as we all know, that can only lead to one thing … 

Catherine is essentially faced with a choice between two distinct personalities and lifestyles. Her husband Blake takes life seriously; he is a successful chef and businessman who is concerned with their economic well-being.  And even though women still love him, Blake is a devout monogamist. Samuel, on the other hand, represents the carefree notion of living life without any concerns for money. He is a free-spirited Australian who has adjusted well to the constant partying of the European lifestyle. Samuel has passion, while Blake is the personification of security. Despite their differences, Blake and Samuel are best friends — and they love the same woman. I will say no more. 

This is a good movie that I recommend.



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