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American Hustle

The other night I decided to see the popular movie American Hustle which was based on the people involved in the Abscam FBI sting operation that videotaped politicians taking bribe monies. American Hustle was an interesting movie but not a really good movie. I did enjoy the excellent music track from the 70s. American Hustle stars Christian BaleAmy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

Irving (Bale) is an unhappy man. He is the husband to an unstable wife, Rosalyn (Lawrence), and is the adoptive father of her 8-year-old boy. Irving runs two legitimate businesses as he tries an entry into the criminal world in which he acts as the middleman for selling counterfeit art. In this pursuit, Sydney (Adams), a mysterious woman, enters his life. The two becoming a pair of con artists as they create a successful routine to sell counterfeit art. Of course, they fall in love along the way.

When the pair is busted by federal agent Richie (Bradley Cooper), they are forced to assist the FBI to avoid jail time. There first task is to set up the mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine (Jeremy Renner), who’s looking to score a sizable amount of cash to help start casino gambling in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, Irving develops a friendship with Carmine, placing him in a bad situation. Things are compounded when the mob enters the picture, led by Victor (Robert De Niro). I think you get the idea of where this movie is going.

I think that this movie is entertaining and worth the 2 hours of viewing. However, it is not a great movie. I recommend seeing American Hustle.

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