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11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King

There is a reason why Stephen King's latest novel 11/22/63 has been chosen by Amazon as one of the Best Books of 2011 and it was voted the best Audible book for 2011. The reason is simple. Stephen King has written a masterpiece that will be hard to surpass by modern American authors. I have always thought of King as one of the greatest writers of our times, but now I know that my thought was correct. Stephen King is a master writer and storyteller, but most importantly he is one of our greatest creative thinkers among authors today. He has put all of this together and created 11/22/63.

In this book, we follow Jake Epping, an English teacher from Maine. What a surprise? For those of you who do not know, Stephen King was an English teacher from Maine. Jake receives an enigmatic call from the owner, Al, of a greasy spoon where he sometimes eats. Upon seeing Al, Jake is amazed that he has aged and is in extremely poor health. What follows sets in motion what comprises the plot line of 11/22/63. Al has found a portal in his restaurant that leads to 1958. Al convinces Jake, since he is dying, that he should not only travel back to 1958 but Jake should continue Al's quest to stop Lee Harvey Oswald before he can kill JFK.

Thus, this almost 1000-page book follows Jake through the years 1958 to 1963. It is a great adventure. Actually you will find that the heart of this sci fi thriller is a love a story. As always you will see children are part of the plot, but in minor roles compared to many Stephen King books. I can tell you that you will be happy that you read this time-travel book.

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