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The Last Nude by Ellis Avery

I selected this book because I like returning again and again to Paris in the 1920s. Possibly it is an obsession not unlike Woody Allen's peek into this time in his recent movie Midnight in Paris. Another reason I was drawn to this book is that I enjoy books that follow the lives of artists. In The Last Nude the author Ellis Avery paints a picture of the fabulous life of Russian-born Art Deco artist Tamara de Lempicka. We see de Lempica mainly  through the eyes of one of her models, the sensuous Rafaela Fano who was the subject of de Lempicka's most famous painting entitled La Belle Rafaela. Major players of the Lost Generation in Paris appear; e.g., Sylvia Beach of Shakespeare & Company, Cocteau, James Joyce, and Gertrude Stein. However, this book focuses on the salacious (at that time), one-sided love affair of de Lempica and Fano. You will have to read the book to understand what I am saying.

I recommend this book because of the excellent story that is well written. The only thing weak is the final section that covers de Lempica at the end of her life when she looks back on her life and  relationships especially her fling with Fano that results in her greatest painting.

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