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Kilauea's Fast-Moving Lava Threatens Another Community, Volcanic Haze Reaches Guam

"It has been 27 days since the massive eruption of Kilauea sent lava gushing from cracks, spreading destruction through communities in the southeastern corner of Hawaii's Big Island. And now volcanic haze drifting across 4,000 miles threatens some residents of Guam, according to officials."

"The National Weather Service reported volcanic haze produced by the activity of the rumbling volcano has been carried along by strong winds over the Mariana Islands."

"'Residents with respiratory health problems should stay indoors and avoid being outdoors when haze is seen,' Guam's homeland security office said in a statement. 'Mariners and pilots should be aware of lower visibilities caused by this haze.'"

Although the haze does not contain sulfur dioxide or other toxic chemicals, a NWS official told NPR the particles in the air can still be harmful to people with sensitive respiratory systems. The official added the haze is expected to dissipate by the end of Thursday morning but will likely return as Kilauea continues to erupt.

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