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London Mayor Says 'Trump Baby' Blimp Can Fly In Protest Of President Trump's Visit

"The 'Trump Baby' blimp is nearly 20 feet tall, wearing nothing but a diaper and a grimace. A tuft of yellow hair tops his orange head. He is armed with a cellphone, ready to tweet."

"And now he is nearly ready to fly over Parliament in London."

"Mayor Sadiq Khan's Greater London Authority has given activists permission to launch the bouncing behemoth from Parliament Square Garden on July 13, when President Trump is set to arrive in London for a three-day visit to the U.K."

"'The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms. ... However the organisers will also need to receive the necessary approvals from the Metropolitan Police and national air traffic service in order for it to fly,' a spokesperson for Khan tells NPR."

"The blimp, which will be tethered to the ground, will be allowed to fly for two hours at a maximum height of about 100 feet, says organizer Leo Murray, who conceived of the idea of a Trump Baby blimp."

"Another protest organizer, Max Wakefield, says the London authority initially objected to the idea."


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