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Henrik Pontoppidan

This thought has been attributed to Voltaire: If God did not exist, mankind would have invented Him. To seek to forget Him, to raise up men who will do good for goodness, not out of fear of punishment for their bad deeds. 

Though I'm afraid of paradoxes, I think luck itself is the greatest bad luck that can hit a man nowadays, because ... yes, because in nine hundred ninety-nine cases a thousand , we lack the ability to use it in such a way as to take advantage of it, and not to hurt us. In our time, we have evolved to maneuver the miraculous skill, that's it! We were at the table of luck as the peasant at the king's feast.

The soul buzz that haunts today in some Danish youth beds makes you think that the lightest and most debilitating elements are always the ones that swirl up and carry them further, as with the chaff in the vampires. 

Are these large cities, with millions of inhabitants, other than huge giant turbines that suck up a whole crowd to get them back after squeezing them all?

Memories? ... Hm! ... Are not they too much cooked, preserved food, constituting poor winter consolation, because the summer of life has gone?

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